Lately I rekindled my love for SEVENTEEN. Since last year, I somehow stopped actively tuning in to their activities and releases because 1) their recent title tracks haven't been appealing to me (or so I thought), and 2) this would sound absurd, but the news about their agency merging with B*ghit turned me off. But seeing more clips of them lately, I decided to try listening to their songs and watch their variety shows again. And good Lord have I realized how much I miss them.

I'm reminded how great their chemistry as a group is, and how you can always feel their strong bond whenever you watch them. My supreme love for Seungkwan and Vernon is still the same, but Wonwoo has also been catching my attention as well. I mean look at him:

Their 2015-2017 releases still remain superior to me but their recent album, Semicolon, contains interesting b-sides. I like "AH! LOVE" the most.

If you're looking for something light and funny to watch, give their series a try! I haven't watched all of the episodes yet as of this writing, but binge-watching it has really made my weekend.